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Radisson Hospitality, Inc., trading as Radisson Hotel Group, is an American multi-national hospitality group. The company started as a division of Carlson Companies, which owned Radisson Hotels, Country Inns & Suites and other brands. In 1994, Carlson signed a franchise agreement with SAS International Hotels (SIH), which SIH started to use the brand Radisson SAS in the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Cheryl Lynn of Little Compton shared this outraged review "Skip this Dirty Country Inns & Suites in Charleston West Virginia. Travel quite often and love Country Inns & Suites. Unfortunately, this one is a BIG exception! Reserved 2 rooms. 1 for my handicap parents, 1 for us. In the description and photo for a handicap room, a fully tiled, & handicap bars, no step in shower. Wheelchair accessible. Complete false advertisement. It was a step in tub & I had to screw the seat to the tub to use. Plus, the tub was disgusting and I HAD to scrub the filthy scum off in both rooms before using. Mirrors were dirty with toothpaste spit on it. Dog poo & pee stains on carpet & 2-3 Barking dogs in the room next door. The manager actually (Chris) lied to me & said he would give us a discount for the inconvenience. I discovered he actually charged me more than I paid up front when I checked my records at home."


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Supervisor Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"They expect way to much for people that don't pay. Management is horrible, not fair. They don't care about their employees it was directly said to me regarding COVId 19NoneDemeaning place to work"

Night Auditor/Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The typical day at this run down hotel started with figuring out what exactly was going on throughout the day normal. As the night auditor it was odd that the general manager was the one doing the training none the less was looking forward to possibly learning something new. This was not the case in the slightest. This General Manager is unprofessional, arrogant and overall full of herself. She lacks the proper training a general manager should have along with common knowledge. Was terminated for lying yet I never lied about anything and the cameras can always prove it. Simple matter of the fact is avoid the company. The name the brand everything if they are willing to hire these incompetent General Managers.NoneWork Environment, Staff, Management"

Housekeeper/Laundry (Current Employee) says

"I loved my job when I started, most of the people I work with were awesome. Almost 2 years of this place and I almost loose my mind daily. Executive housekeeping manager is the laziest manager I have ever had in my life. It doesn’t matter how short handed we were she does not leave her chair except to smoke. Worst team player, doesn’t lift a finger but takes credit as though she had. 5 maintenance men, 10 plus housekeepers, 2 breakfast people and a front office staff she had made so miserable they found new jobs. Unless I love high school drama as adults I don’t recommend this place Expensive benefits with little coverage, no breaks"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I would never tell anybody to work there You can’t live of there checks if u tried.. You don’t get hours and you have do to much for a hotel that’s not a rated hotel they have bed bugs and more I can’t see why there still open. Police always around to much goes on in that hotel.. it’s all around a bad place to work not worth it....There corporate lady is thief and a lierNo health insurance"

Sales/Asst. Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"The work environment was very stressful, no benefits to offer but are expected to work 50-60 hrs work weeks . They dock your pay unexpectedly and threatened to take your job if choose not to oblige by the rules they makeup on their own daily. Too many changes. A front desk clerk was beat up by some guest because she was enforcing their policie and they threatened to fire her because she defended herself."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"● Work-life balanceIt is assumed the employees don't have a life. They eat, sleep, breathe the motel.● Pay & benefitsBenefits are available but very expensive. Pay is minimal and they may add well keep their raises● Job security and advancementI wouldn't even give one star. They talk about working as a team and covering for one another to keep work flow smooth but when it comes down to it there is ZERO cross training done, housekeeping supervisor won't allow it. She doesn't take responsibility for her department either, she will throw you under the bus faster than you can imagine. Management above her allows it so you can imagine the work environment● ManagementNo responsibility. No ownership, relies on other employees to train new hires and will NOT step up to help out when short staffed● CultureThere is no culture. It's their way it no way● OverallIf you like working like a dog and being treated like one, this a great place to work. They do not care what you got going on in your life because you are replaceable"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"At one point bed bugs had been reported and found. Per company policy we were suppose to report it an have terminators come in an properly clean the rooms. Yet instead i personally watched the manager forge a document wit the pest control logo and all and send it to cooperate. Also they do not fairly pay their employees. You sign an document when hiring stating how your raises an pay will go yet they refuse to give the raises as promised. They will fire an punish you if you even ask about your pay. The calhoun location was the most horrible place to work and is not recommended for work nor stay. Also there are no breaks and if you are caught taking a break possibly getting wrote up.NunNo breaks, no raises, very rude"

Night Auditor/Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The company is a joke pay is a joke but i guess what do you expect comming from a hindi mike is not the brightst bulb in the box. On tye plus side pam was alright thoughNoneThe place is a joke"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They expect way too much of anybody, managment will cuss you out for taking two 10 minute breaks when you are supposed to have two 15 and one 30, I worked for 3 days didnt take a lunch break at all and they clocked me out for 30 min breaks I did not take. They will screw you out of as much pay as they can and it is too hard of work to be screwed like that. Not worth the pay, Highly don't recommend, go anywhere else."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I was a housekeeper for a year at my local hotel. I learned quickly that favoritism is huge there and if you didn't follow that you were not liked and treated poorly. Two girls, Amber and Ashley were allowed to steal (from me)and get away with it. Management says "they will deal with it " and never did. The housekeeping manager brings weed to work for the employees and sells her own prescription drugs to them as well. STAY CLEAR OF THIS TOXIC HOTEL!NothingTerrible staff and management"

Front Desk Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lies lies and liesI was told I would make $14 an hour and after my second day of training when I was on my own 15 minutes before my shift was over I received a phone call telling me that I could only be paid nine dollars an hour with no benefits after I was already told I would have benefits with my full-time hours they lied just to hook you and hope that your steak don’t fall for it"

Breakfast attendant (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about the employees. I could do their job better than that and not have favoritism. You don’t get paid enough and they couldn’t keep anyone Extra moneyNot really worth it for what you have to go through"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Very high turnover. Did not pay what I was promised. Cut my hours as I could not work on my days off. No one ever came in on time to relieve me. No communication at all. Three people quit and one was fired while I worked there and was lied to in my interview and never told the gm was quitting, was told two girls were pregnant when only one was. Had to cover a holiday as two people called off."

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I am utterly disgusted at how unprofessional the management staff was at this companies location in Fairview Heights,IL . There were so many issues it was ridiculous. But the top ones was I was accused of misplacing $2 out of the cash drawer by the general manger which they later were able to discover it was another employee who misplaced it. They do not follow proper protocols to sanitize during daily tasks due to Covid or use proper cleaning gear to do so. And after I decided to not stay employed by this company I was left very unprofessional voicemails by the operations manger. Now I see as to why their general manger said they have a extremely high turnover one will ever stay employed there because of the staff. I suggest they receive new management quickly! NoneNo benefits, very unprofessional management, not following Covid protocols"

Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"By far the worst Company I worked for it. Terrible management! Manager yells at you constantly and he is extremely rude. Lots of gossiping entertained by the General Manager. No breaks at all. You work from 6 to 8 hours and no breaks are allowed. Working schedule it’s 6 days per week. You only have one day off every week. This company does not run background check and drug test on employees, so you will be working with felonies and drug addicted. The hard workers are illegals and they unauthorized to work.I see as a available jobManagement"

Hotel Shuttle Driver (Former Employee) says

"Poor mgnmt poor co workers too many hours poor communication too much horseman duties on checklist to do ingested my job so I quit. They act as if they don't careLoved driving vanDidnt like my coworkers or my gm girl"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They want you to work long strenuous hours for little pay. The employees are drug addicts and escorts The manager and some employees falsify customers information"

Auditor/front desk (Current Employee) says

"New management is a joke. They are horrible. Alot of staff that were there for 5 plus years have all walked out . New manager is a joke especially if your a woman . He talks down to you. Very rude unless you agree with everything he says you will not succeed. It's a joke"

Night Auditor/ Night Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is not a good company to work for. The Manager is incompetent and doesn't care about the employees. They're main concern is making a profit at the expense of both the employees and the guest."

Front Desk Agent (Current Employee) says

"Management sucks. Very unprofessional. Too many employees quit because of Gm poor attitude. Treats employees unfairly. Save your time and don’t apply."

Jodi Wray says

"I stayed at the country inn in commerce GA. I booked through priceline and payed online. The hotel was alright cheaply renovated too quickly. Painted sloppy. The ac unit leaked and ruined an entire bag of garments. The staff didnt even apologize and was visibly annoyed with having to deal with my complaints. Prior to this incident the clerk who checked us in legit called me a liar when i told her i already paid for my room online and refused to even look at my cell phone to see the proof, but once my boyfriend came and talked to her she was as nice as shr could be and just like that found my reservation and booked us in. I would rather sleep under a bridge than ever stay at that place again. And i will never let any of my friends or family stay there either"

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